Links to Museums Displaying Bavarian Arms

The best known museum is certainly the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt
Display in the old castle shows: Arms and armour since the 15th century, early firearms, models of old cannons, decorative weapons, war with the turks and captured turk weapons, Napoleonic wars, medals, flags and insignia
In the fortress on the other side of the river: Large display about WW I
Town Museum Amberg (extra small department about the only Bavarian gun factory)
On display are: Bav. Infantry gun M/1798, Batterieschloß 1804-1830, Bav. Jägerstutzen M/1822, Bav. Jägerstutzen M/1829/43, Bav. Reiterpistole M/1826/43, Bay. Jägerstutzen M/1807, Haubajonett, Bay. Wallbüchse M/1839, Bay. Dornbüchse M/1854, Bay. Schützengewehr M/58/II, Bay. Scharfschützengewehr M/58/III, Bay. Infantriegewehr M/58/67, Bay. Dillenbajonett M/1858, Bay. Pallasch M/1850, Gewehr System Manceaux, Bay. Infantriegewehr M/69, Bay. Kavallerie-Pistole M/69, Infantriegewehr M71, M71/84, 98; Schloß für MG08 und MG08/18
Local Museum Kemnath / Stadt in the Oberpfalz (Showroom about the gun factory Fortschau)
Local Museum Mühldorf / Inn (Collection of Bürgerwehrwaffen and other weapons, also Bavarian)
On display are: Guns of the Mühldorfer Bürgerwehr (Austrian flintlock guns M/1798), various Bavarian and European guns (Bavarian models M1827/42; M/1858/67; M/69 old and new model, cavallery pistol M/1843), and edged weapons
Local Museum Wasserburg / Inn
Town Museum Grafenwöhr (foundation of the training area Grafenwoehr, display with uniforms and medals of WW I and WW II)

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