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The items listed on this page are sold or traded only according to legal requirements (minimum age 18 years); postage is depending on total price and actual cost for shipping and is not included.
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At the moment I have following edged weapon for sale or trade:

Edged Weapons

See German page

Sale of mixed militaria

I'm looking for:

SG 14 with flashguard and scabbard
SG 71/98 sawback, Bavarian cypher, with scabbard
M1869 Werder scabbard original (not modified)
Bavarian Infantery sabre M 1838 sawback, crown mark, with scabbard

Bayonet / short sword for Fahnentraeger, with scabbard
Kuerassierpallasch M1860 "Amberg" with scabbard
Chevauxleger sword M1813 (similar to Gendarmerie M1813) "Amberg" with scabbard

Podewils-Gun M1 or M3 1858 "Amberg" (as muzzle loader)
Bavarian Dornbuechse M1854 "Amberg"
Wallbuechse M 1831
Jaegerstutzen (short gun) M1897 or M1822 flintlock
Manson Gun M1804 flintlock"Amberg"

Scharnierpistole M 1816/43 "Amberg"
Kavalleriepistole M1804 "Amberg" or "Fortschau"(flintlock)

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